There is a nationwide shortage of coding staff.  Axea solutions unique service of virtual coding management assisting healthcare providers with a variety of services.

Staffing Assurance

  • Articulate and document the essential qualities of a successful coder
  • Support coder candidate screening
  • Assist new coder orientation and production onboarding
  • Support coder performance management
  • Offer best practice insight into coding departmental incentive programs
  • Engage in direct mentorship for select coding staff
  • Fulfill ongoing coder, process, and production audits for improvement
  • Support coder career path development planning

Production Assurance

  • Work with HIM management to establish production targets
  • Perform current operational bench markings to set standards for improvement
  • Design production improvement plans for each coder
  • Identify production output implications for the department and individual coders 

Compliance Assurance

  • Partner with Administration, Compliance Management, and HIM Management to establish set parameters for compliance performance
  • Map compliance milestones across a calendar period for tracking and accountability
  • Deliver Orientation, Training, and Education offerings in HIPAA and ICD-10
  • Provide ongoing remedial training and support
  • Support certification management for the institution and coders

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