Take command of your revenue cycle—Axea Solutions holds your roadmap to success.


  • Medicare, Medicaid, and Third party payors generate edits that delay or deny claim payment
  • This results in lost revenue and/or accumulation of A/R days
  • Axea supports facilities in addressing edits for timely and accurate payment
  • Reduces accounts receivable DSO/payment cycle time
  • Improves clean claim rate
  • Provides opportunity for targeted education for ongoing improvement for targeted service lines
  • Identifies documentation and compliance issues for remediation and resolution

Denial Review and Management

  • Identification and remediation development for specific inpatient and outpatient denial issues 
  • Management of denial and issue resolution within mandated timeframes
  • Provide feedback for affected processes and operations 

Chargemaster Review and Maintenance

  • Review chargemaster to identify inaccurate revenue and CPT code assignment
  • Perform revenue and usage analysis
  • ample specific claims for charging accuracy


  • Identify issues affecting the case mix index such as medical and surgical, volume of services, and geographical considerations.

  • Provide strategic recommendations for case mix change


  • Financial analysis for mandated governmental reimbursement changes

  • Provide impact to current operations and suggestions for process changes to mitigate any negative impact including:
    • Two Midnight Rule
    • OPPS updates
    • Quality Indicators
    • Managed Care contract financial performance analysis 

System Implementation Assistance

  • Electronic Health Record
  • Manage computer assisted coding transition and edit remediation

Affordable Care Act-Affected Process Review

  • Examine areas affected by the Affordable Care Act such as front office processes, eligibility, co-payment management, and benefit gaps
  • Analyze functions to decrease disruption and patient liability shortfalls
  • Implement and monitor improvements and financial impact 

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