Axea Solutions CEO Susan Gatehouse Featured In HDM Magazine

Axea Solutions CEO Susan Gatehouse is featured in the September 2018 Health Data Management magazine in the article, “Coding gets an automated assist: Facing ICD-10’s complexity, coders are increasingly getting a hand from computers to do their work.”

“Susan Gatehouse, CEO of Axea Solutions, says in theory CAC sounds great, but it’s shortsighted to believe software by itself could completely replace a human. “It can help, but patience is key,” she says. Gatehouse contends that many hospitals tried CAC software when it was first available, but they gave up on it too soon. It takes time for human coders to review the codes and teach the system to recognize the diagnoses. Systems typically assign too many codes at first, but they get better over time as they learn to better interpret the verbiage used by clinicians, she says. CAC has become more sophisticated since 2015, Gatehouse notes. She predicts that many of the hospitals that stopped using CAC could return to it, and if they are patient, they will find the “tool really works for them.”

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